Notes from Bacstrom Import Company's founder, Buddy Born:
Among my favorite moments each year is the anticipation and arrival of the new-crop saffron. Even after more than 25 years of this experience, the excitement remains. Instead of having it delivered to my office, I pick up the newly arrived shipment at the airport after it has cleared Customs and FDA. I open each box for a quick inspection on sight, to be assured everything is as it should be...As I drive back from San Francisco Airport, across the Bay Bridge, I am surrounded, immersed by that incredible fragrance that lured me to this business so many years back. Once back at the office, and at the first opportunity, I weigh in the new shipment. Depending on the exporter, it has arrived in 1 - 5,000 gram containers. I break the seal on each one, a little thrilled at the beauty...ah, the new crop..Saffron tends to hold its aroma and visual appearance fairly well over time...but that first glimpse of the new crop is the best moment of the year.
Favorite Five
These are recent, or perhaps not-so-recent, books, films, or events that I have enjoyed and would recommend. This list will change on a regular basis.
    'Freedom' - by Jonathan Franzen
    'Snake Lake' - by Jeff Greenwald
    'Some, like elephants' - by Laura Glen Louis
    'Blind Man of Seville' - by Robert Wilson
    'Franny & Zooey' - by J.D. Salinger
    'Burnt by the Sun' - a film by Nikita Mikhalkov
    'Biutiful' - a film by Alejandro Inarritu
    'Everlasting Moments' - a film by Jan Troel
    'Hot Pepper' - a film by Les Blank
    'Winters Bone' - a film by Debra Granik
There have been a lot of supporters over these 25 years of business...friends, family, the banker who issued our first line of credit, growers and exporters, fast and efficient packers, mentors, and a large group of chefs and grocers and food specialists who have been a pleasure to work with—many who have become good friends over the years. This last group I wonąt name, but you know who you are. If I momentarity have forgotten someone, please forgive this aging memory,
My profound thanks in no particular order goes out to Jeff Blum, Ami DeAvila, Shelly Dunnigan, John Paul Slifco, Don Shermiester, Barry Girouard, Mark and Ginny Dameron, Daphne Wise, Alberto Solis, Phil Born, Eusebio Lahos, Charity Martin, Susan Ware, John and Gerda Dinwiddie, Frank Bluestein, Vivian Oca, Beth Stanford, Ruth and Jim Reynolds, Phil Weigand, Profesora Gabriela Pisano, Senor Tomas, Senor Antonio, Antonio Jr., Laura and Rodolfo, Tom, Marta, Diane Delany, Eliot and Kathi Jordan, Hector & Norma, Sr. Jose Marie & Sr. Victor, Cesar, Sr. Larios, Tanya & Larry Hu, Daniel Dipeiro and Tracy Ginther, Victor Lab, Jean and Jason Lotterhand, Jack Freethy, Ester Henderson, Karen Bola, Lisa Wilson, Jean Mach, Trey Meade, Ed Moore, Ron Sweet, Patrick Secor, Henry and Henry Jr. & Amie, Andrew Brown, Tom Doyle, Rosa y Los Figones, Heather Mancini, Christine Newall, Patricia, Mina & David, Francis Bienetti, Lottie Rose, Mimi and Dale Downey, Frankie Whitman, Sam Salkin, Doug, Kathy, & Nashad, Howard Hack, Lilean, Senor Jose Antonio, Michael Carr, Peter Goldblum, Maurice Born, and especially to my brother Frank for all the conferring and editing and watching after things when there was a need.